Turning creative ideas into reality, CollabCubed is upping the iPhone case game. They have a unique way of really personalising your phone and making sure it’s never boring again via their EARonic iPhone case range, get an “EARon” this.

The CollabCubed team

At CollabCubed, they’re not only creative colleagues; but also family! Mom Debbie, a graphic designer in NYC, is in charge of running the blog and providing overall guidance. Daniela, an industrial design student at RISD, provides fabulous designs and she is also the brainchild behind the EARonic range of iPhone cases and proof that a simple doodle can lead to something marvellous! Her sister Emma, a student at Brown University, is a photography whizz and keeps her finger on the fashion pulse. Together, the ladies have created something incredibly special in CollabCubed.

The EARonic iPhone case range

Traditionally, when choosing a new case, you’ll be met with the same neutral colours and uninspiring designs, every single time. Certainly, these cases do protect our precious phones, but they can be so much more! Everyone has a different personality and preference which is how Daniela Gilsanz, designer for CollabCubed, came up with a fabulous twist on the humble iPhone case whilst compiling a portfolio for her art school applications. She found herself drawing ears of her peers in her sketchbook and began thinking about where such a design might be applied. Suddenly, inspiration struck. Why not replicate it on a phone case?

As well as providing a resilient and protective guard for a phone, EARonic cases are whimsical, humorous, and fun! They certainly turn heads when out and about; people will wonder how a phone is seemingly transparent, before getting in on the joke themselves! It’s a light-hearted way to jazz up your phone and bring a smile to your friends, family, fellow commuters, office buddies, and passers-by. It’s also an interesting expression of the day to day use we have for our smartphones and highlights how often we use them. As an art student and designer, Daniela plays on this fact and turns it into a range that adds an organic element to the mechanic.

The EARonic range has proven to be hugely successful, with styles to suit every preference. There are unisex designs, with realistic graphics that feature several skin tones creating a diverse range for everyone.

The benefits of using a protective phone case?

Unsure whether a protective phone case, such as one of the amazing examples from the EARonic range, is right for you? Worried about burying those sleek lines under a layer of plastic? Well, these are the top reasons for shielding your prized possession!

Protecting your investment
Smartphones are expensive, usually representing a significant investment in cutting-edge technology. Although it’s tempting to show off the elegant design you paid for, there’s also a huge risk of sustaining accidental damage to a phone that is left uncovered. It’s simply not a risk worth taking, and there are plenty of cases that retain the form and look of your phone. Unfortunately, along with a hefty price tag, phones are also often easily breakable, particularly if dropped no matter how high-tech it is!

Preventing scratches and scuffs
It’s perilously easy to pick up a scratch or scuff or break your phone when placing your phone in a pocket or bag; coins, zips, keys, luggage hardware, pens, and any other loose items are liable to cause damage to an unprotected phone. Even on a desk at work or a sofa at home, a light touch with the wrong material can impair your phone in a split-second.

Guarding your phone with a case can help to protect against damage to the body and screen. It’s a simple and effective way to ensure that your phone will remain in pristine condition for years! This works two-fold as well because a pristine phone is easier to sell on in the future when you are looking for an upgrade.

Guarding against drops
Dropping your phone is nightmarish. The terrifying moment when it slips from your hand is etched onto the minds of many, followed by a tentative inspection to (hopefully) eliminate the expectation of extensive damage. Nobody wishes to be in this situation.

Still, accidents happen. Gravity keeps us attached to the ground, but it also beckons our phones. The best line of protection we have against sustaining damage during dropping incidents is a robust phone case. They help to protect the body of the phone and can offer a bumper that deflects energy from the screen, which is the area most susceptible to damage during a drop. Leaving a phone unprotected is simply asking for trouble. Those with kids or animals should pay particular attention here because when a child sees a phone they don’t appreciate the extent of the cost or value and they are very likely to go wandering off with it increasing the risk of damage from a drop.

Adds a little (or a lot) of personality
Don’t think of a phone case as restrictive; instead, embrace it as a chance to show off your creative side. Certainly, there are a lot of unimaginative, boring phone cases out there but swap them in favour of something that reflects your personality! Whether that involves a bright colour scheme, delightful patterns, glitter, sequins, metallic accents, or anything else that you’d like to see, let your imagination go wild!

Unique look

You can always pick the phone cases that you find in stores. They have decent designs that might appeal to you but you know these phone cases were made in the hundreds or thousands. The EARonic range is fairly small but is expanding to accommodate different designs and each one compliments the user differently.

Custom personalisation

Although it’s not a service CollabCubed can provide at the moment, it is somewhere they are looking to expand into in the future. This would be made possible using an editor app and a whole library of images that you can use to design your phone case with. You can even get to use your own uploaded pictures if you choose to. New printing technologies have enabled manufacturers and sellers to create higher-quality cases at a faster rate, without costing too much. So, all you have to do is design your custom phone case, pay, and have your personalised phone cases shipped to your doorstep in a matter of days.

Prolongs phone life

Think of the amount that you use your phone day to day. It’s going to very quickly deteriorate whether it’s dust, rain, grease from your fingers or even a gentle knock here and there. Using cases offer a level of protection that allows you to look after your phone long-term which saves you money on a replacement.

Caters to the mind-changers

How many times have you bought something, only for something better to come along and you wish you had bought that instead. With phone cases like the EARonic range that are affordable and quirky, you can change your mind and update your phone without having to spend a lot more money to change your device. You can also do this to suit your mood or an event you are attending, for example, if you’re going to a music concert, go for the EARonic Finley look, a day in the office, opt for the Dylan.

You can do it yourself

Unlike permeant phone customisation a phone case is easy, effective and a DIY solution you can do yourself.

The important part to remember is that phone cases provide protection and personality for your device and the EARonic range takes things to the next level! This is not the official page for CollabCubed but hopefully gives some insight into who they are and why you should buy their products.