CollabCubed Collections

If you’re looking for a phone case with plenty of personality, you NEED one of CollabCube’s iPhone cases! The EARonic range has proven to be a hugely successful line, with various styles to suit every preference. There are unisex designs with realistic graphics that feature several skin tones so that everyone can be a part of the craze and a level of diversity which allows everyone to feel included.

EARonic iPhone cases were designed by Daniela Gilsanz, one of the founding members of CollabCubed. She came up with the idea whilst applying to art schools. Whilst compiling a portfolio for her applications, she began drawing ears in her sketchbook. From an initial spark, the EARonic mockup and portfolio piece emerged. The rise of technology and the use of smartphones day to day inspired her to create a realistic design that has turned into a quirky product suitable for the masses.

While you can’t quite get your own ear printed onto the cases, they provide and interesting option and the concept was developed and finessed into the EARonic cases you see today. As you might imagine, the process involved taking pictures of several ears but also selecting subjects with interesting features and highlights! Not all ears look the same, they are sort of like a fingerprint but they can have similar characteristics so you can match the phone to the one that most suits you.

After a lot of hard work, Daniela’s prototypes were born and created into products so she could see her dream realised, and the hard work was worth it. The finished product is an exciting addition to the phone case market appealing to an eclectic clientele.