EARonic Dylan

Standard phone cases can frankly be a little dull. Whilst their first duty is to protect, there’s nothing wrong with expecting some personality to shine through too! If you’re searching for a phone case that provides plenty of fun alongside outstanding security for your phone, look no further. We have precisely the right option for you!

The CollabCubed EARonic Dylan, exclusively designed by Daniela Gilsanz, is a whimsical alternative to bog standard phone cases. At first glance, you’ll most likely be wondering why it features a life-sized ear, but simply raise it to conduct a phone call and you’ll be in on the joke!

The clever design, when lined up with your own ear, creates a hilarious optical illusion that will certainly grab attention! Take it out for a walk and enjoy the confusion of passers-by, as they try to figure out whether your phone has turned invisible.

The EARonic Dylan case is suitable for everyone, no matter your gender. It comes in a darker skin tone with a no-jewellery design, and in order to keep up the illusion, is best suited to people with dark or greying hair.

This protective iPhone 4 case is a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys pulling a light-hearted prank on their friends, family, or just about anyone! Folks of all ages will love the eye-catching design, which makes it an ideal birthday gift, secret Santa contribution, or stocking filler. It’s a great idea to stock up before the holidays!

In addition to raising plenty of laughs (and probably a few eyebrows), the EARonic Dylan protective case provides a solid and reliable guard for your iPhone 4. It defends against scuffs and scratches that can come from everyday use, storage in a handbag, or living in a pocket. The case also helps to prevent damage in case of accidental drops. When used with a clear screen protector, this product provides a 360-degree shield for your iPhone. This is not the official page for the EARonic Dylan but offers excellent insight into this cool case.