EARonic Finley

Are you looking for a phone case that’s way more interesting than the norm? The search is over! Allow us to introduce you to the CollabCubed EARisastable EARonic Finley protective phone case, exclusively designed by Daniela Gilsanz.

The first thing you’ll notice is the distinctive design. Whilst it may not seem immediately clear as to why there’s an ear printed on to a phone case, simply raise it during a phone call to discover the joke!

The hilarious design, when lined up with your own features, presents an amazing optical illusion that will turn heads and make passers-by question whether your phone is completely invisible!

The EARonic Finley is unisex, so anyone can enjoy the prank. It comes in a light skin tone with a no-jewellery design, and is best suited to people with mid-brown, dark brown, or black hair.

It’s a great gift for budding pranksters, or anyone in need of a more thrilling phone case! Kids and adults alike will love the whimsical design, and it’s an ideal stocking filler, gag gift, or secret Santa present.

As well as providing an amusing ruse, the EARonic Finley phone case provides practical and reliable protection to your iPhone 4. It protects against scuffs and scratches that may be sustained during everyday use, as well as dents that can arise from accidental drops. Use it in conjunction with a screen protector to provide a 360-degree guard for your iPhone.

Choosing a design such as the EARonic Finley allows you to ensure you never lose your phone and can always pick it out of a crowd deterring thieves. This is not the official page for the EARonic Finley product but gives a great overview of this interesting case.