EARonic Razor

Admit it; most phone cases are pretty boring. The same old drab colours and muted designs, with little or no personality thrown in. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the fun of a phone case that grabs attention, whilst retaining the security and protection you’ve come to expect? Look no further; we have just the right product!

The CollabCubed EARonic Razor, exclusively designed by Daniela Gilsanz, is a hilarious alternative to the standard phone cases you know all too well. On first glance, you’ll probably be wondering why there’s an ear adorned with jewellery and plugs. That’s understandable! Simply lift the case to your own ear to discover the joke!

The amusing design, when lined up with your own facial features, produces a brilliant optical illusion that will delight your friends and family, and bring inquisitive looks from complete strangers passing by. Your phone will appear invisible, whilst you’ll seem to be sporting a fetching assortment of piercings!

This EARonic iPhone case is most suitable for men with mutton chops, but everyone can enjoy the joke! It comes in a light skin tone with a spectacular design that incorporates piercings and plugs. To maintain the illusion, this case is best suited to people with brown or black hair.

Ever wanted to take the plunge and embrace your funny side? Now you can do precisely that, with none of the pain nor aftercare! Simply switch your case over to the EARonic Razor, and have a friend take a snap of your new look.

This product is an amazing gift for little pranksters right up to folks who are simply young at heart! Everyone will appreciate the eye-catching design, and it makes the perfect birthday gift, Christmas stocking filler, or secret Santa present.

As well as grabbing attention and raising a few laughs, the EARonic Razor case also provides reliable and sturdy protection for your iPhone 4. It prevents the scuffs and scratches that tend to occur as a result of throwing your phone in a bag, stuffing it in a pocket, or the unexplainable events that cause minor aesthetic damage! The case also guards against damage from any accidental drops. Use with a screen protector to maximise the protective potential of your new case! This is not the official page for this wacky phone case but hopefully is enlightening to more about it.