Case Care

Who says that you can’t let your personality show through your iPhone case? Many people buy personalised phone cases online, and while they turn out great, few to none of those manufacturers ever say how to properly care for them. Yes, you bought an iPhone case for the main purpose of protecting your phone, but you should also take good care of them so they can last longer. Here are a few things that you need to take note of when caring for your regular and personalised iPhone cases.

1. Avoid getting your iPhone case wet
Unless you’ve bought a specific waterproof case, they’re good only for accidental spills and not dunks into the pool. They are actually never meant to stay in the water for too long. If you have a case that has a metal finish, the shiny covering would eventually chip off when repeatedly exposed to water. That is also the case for many painted cases. Leather cases that get damp also leave a musty smell that’s hard to get rid of.

2. Stay away from heat at all costs
Do not expose your iPhone case to places or surfaces that emit heat, so be careful where you place your phone. Of course, it’s never a good idea to put your phone near heated surfaces, as some materials used in protective cases are highly flammable. Too high a temperature will cause some paints to peel off. This could also be the same as the cases with multiple layers. Too much heat will also affect the glue used to fuse them together and can cause discoloration in silicone cases.

3. Avoid placing your phone on dirty and rough surfaces
If you are familiar with a decoden case, rough surfaces may cause some of the silicone designs to come off. Your iPhone case would be more prone to scratches and smudges with these surfaces. Placing your phone case on rough surfaces will ultimately shorten its lifespan and would make you think of replacing it sooner than expected.

4. Steer clear from chemicals and paints
Chemicals and many iPhone case materials don’t mix well. You need to be aware where you place your phone so as to lessen the likelihood of damage from spillage, if one ever unfortunately happens. So, you shouldn’t really keep your phone on the same surface as your nail polish when doing your nails. Also, if you feel like your phone needs some cleaning, do not use harsh chemicals or disinfectant sprays. Some materials or paints used in the designs on those phone cases can react adversely to them.

Always follow the guidelines of the supplier of your phone case and follow these care instructions to ensure you always get the best from them.